13 Reasons Why is Not Going Away

I can’t believe it.  Five weeks later and people are still talking about 13 Reasons Why.

Amidst all the critique, teens have risen up to create hope.  This week, Oxford High School students created “13 Reasons Why Not.”  If this doesn’t speak to the power of teens helping teens, I don’t know what does.

I am still reading multiple articles about the series every day.

Here are a few of my “favorites:”





Teens React to 13 Reasons Why on YouTube

Please, please, please if you have teens or tweens, talk to them about this show.  See how similar Liberty High School is to theirs.  You’d be surprised how much you don’t know.  Let them know that if they or a friend feels this way, they don’t have to end up like Hannah.  The “glamour” of Hannah’s revenge is lost, as she is dead, and all those who wronged her are still here.  They will grow up; she won’t.

Make sure they know that there are adults who “get it” or can help without judging, blaming, or minimizing.  Remind them in words and actions that your love is unconditional and you can handle whatever they throw your way.  LISTEN, be present, and remember that as hard as it is to be an adult, it’s hard to be a teen too!




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  1. Gina says:

    All of the people in this video talk about the depressed person (and even call them “mentally ill”. There is no discussion about stopping the bullying that caused Hanna to commit suicide. There is no discussion about rape culture and how pervasive that is, not only in school, but in the world in general. Everyone only seems to focus on Hanna’s depression and how she “could have” reached out to someone for help, in effect, laying the blame on her for killing herself instead of talking about how others can stand up to bullies and rape culture.

    1. TEEN LINE says:

      I agree that we need to discuss rape culture and its pervasiveness. I wrote about this week.
      I also know that depressed people don’t often have the energy to reach out or know how to do so. I wish others in the series would have done better by Hannah, or reached out to her.
      While the bullying did have a role in Hannah’s depression and ultimate suicide, I see it as one of many pieces that overwhelmed her, rather than the cause
      Thanks so much for reaching out

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