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What is TEEN LINE?

Established in 1980, TEEN LINE is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to helping troubled teenagers address their problems. It is our mission to provide personal teen-to-teen education and support before problems become a crisis, using a national hotline, current technologies and community outreach.

Over a hundred teens volunteer annually at TEEN LINE, coming from schools all over Los Angeles and from a multitude of diverse backgrounds. TEEN LINE’s hotline accepts calls, text messages and emails from any teen who needs an empathetic and non-judgmental arena where they can talk about their problems with another teen. Nearly 10,000 teens contact our hotline every year.

In order to increase awareness of adolescent issues and promote healthy choices, TEEN LINE’s Community Outreach Program provides presentations to tens of thousands of teens, educators, and organizations each year in Southern California. TEEN LINE also publishes educational materials on important teen topics, including the Youth Yellow Pages – a directory resource handbook and downloadable app that offers valuable facts, guidance, and advice on issues teens deal with.

Supporting Parents of Teens

We have long been involved in suicide prevention, training LAPD, teenagers, educators, and therapists in suicide prevention. We are excited to expand our reach to parents and families. Research shows that parental involvement can play a role in reducing suicide risk, and that family should be an important component of any prevention program.

There are an infinite number of classes, books and philosophies for raising your infant and preschooler, but the education and support for parents tapers off as their kids get older.  TEEN LINE’s parenting program aims to provide support and education for parents to know they are not alone in their struggles with their adolescent, nor is there shame in admitting they are struggling.  We educate parents on ways to communicate with their teens with empathy and compassion, and see the world through a teen lens.

We help parents understand what is “normal” vs. worrisome adolescent behavior, and how to intervene when they may suspect their child may be struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide. Family should be an important component of any prevention program. Research shows that parental involvement can play a role in reducing suicide risk.

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