Coronavirus Support Continued….

It’s still rough out there.  My own two childrens’ schools have closed for the academic year which means no graduation for either of them.  “Zoom school” is vastly different between their two schools, and even at its best (thank you teachers!), it doesn’t substitute for real school.  My family has never spent so much time together which depending on who you talk to, may or may not be a good thing=)  Our home has not been unaccompanied by at least one of us since March 12th.  However, we are healthy, we have jobs, we have food, we have each other, so I recognize the privileged position from which I speak.

One of the things that has been helping me (and hopefully my kids) is reading lots of parenting articles about this unprecedented time.  I’m sharing my favorites with you in hopes you find some enlightenment. 

Helping Teens Make Room for Uncomfortable Emotions by Lisa Damour is an important read on how to build our teens’ psychological health, particularly now.  Her books and New York Times columns are also worth reading.

4 Lessons I Hope My Teens Will Learn From Coronavirus Quarantine from Sharon Holbrook and Your Teen For Parents made me really think about what I want my own children to remember about this time.

How to Help Teens Shelter in Place from the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley helps us reframe this whole situation for our teens as well as gives practical tips.

How Parents Can Protect Kids’ Mental Health During a Pandemic by Katie Hurley (another great person to follow and read) has practical tips for supporting our kids and teens.

With Senior Year In Disarray, Teens And Young Adults Feel Lost. Here’s How To Help from NPR and Patti Neighmond reminds you from a teen perspective what they have lost, and how to help mitigate that.

I also did a Facebook live last week about how to help your teen through this time. 

I wish you continued health, strength, and the knowledge that you’re not alone and we are all doing the best we can.  There never has been a “perfect” parent and there truly isn’t now!

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