Coronavirus Support

There’s no doubt, COVID-19 has upended all of our lives.  We are living in unprecedented times with no concrete end in sight.  Uncertainty breeds anxiety, and being housebound can create or exacerbate conflict.  Developmentally, teens are moving away from their dependence on their parents, and spending more time with peers.  This “stay at home” directly contradicts that developmental need.  And what about the sadness or grief?  For the loss of sports, plays, dances, maybe even graduations?   It’s a lot to manage.  We, as parents, have our own losses and big feelings, as well as possible financial stressors.  Trying to work while “homeschooling” or not having work right now…Teen Line parents has put together some articles, apps, and resources we hope can help you through this rough time.  We will update them semi-regularly, and would love to hear from you with any tips or resources you’ve found helpful!  Please check them out here

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