Please don’t forget about the hard conversations!

On Thursday, I spoke at a webinar hosted by the CA Department of Education on Suicide Prevention 101 for Parents.  It’s available to view and I encourage you to watch and disseminate. 

We can never talk too much about mental health and suicide.  While suicide is a very complicated decision and does not just have one cause, a protective factor that can mitigate suicide risk is having “permission” to talk and feel.  As parents, our teens are watching everything we do, even when we think they’re not!, so we can model healthy coping, respectful communication, and an open dialogue.  Our teens should not be our emotional caretakers, but completely hiding our emotions means they don’t get to see that we feel too and how we handle it.

This pandemic has stretched us all very thin, and the mental health, in addition to economic and political, ramifications will be felt a long time.  We can’t “fix” this for our kids or open their schools or activities, but we can be emotionally present and prepared to tackle the tough conversations. And if you’re finding you can’t, then please find ways to take care of yourself.  Calm, Headspace, Colorfy are all free apps that can help. Put your own oxygen mask on first!   

We wish everyone a holiday season filled with health, sanity and hope.  To brighter tomorrows….

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