A Few Minutes for Yourself Can Get Rid of Stress

This week we are lucky to have a guest blogger, Sarah Jones. 

Sarah writes for Relax Everyday where she teaches her readers about the different relaxation strategies to achieve a healthier mind and body. By doing so, she helps to express her knowledge on meditation, relaxation, and massages.

I know I can always use tips on relaxation and self-care, so thank you Sarah!

A Few Minutes for Yourself Can Get Rid of Stress

Ah, teenagers. The feisty, hormonal, growing adolescent that stands before you used to be your bouncing baby from years ago. Your son or daughter is growing into their personality, their character, and their own person now. They have friends, activities, a social life, and are spreading their wings. Caring for and guiding your teenager can be a challenge and can be stressful for both parent and adolescent. Take a few minutes for yourself today to clear your mind and de-stress.

The Joys of Parenting 

Parenting can cause joy, and it can cause stress. Raising and guiding teenagers can be a real challenge sometimes. Stress is generally caused when we have too much to do, and we feel we can’t get it done. Or it can come from the perceived notion that we feel we cannot control certain situations – otherwise known as parenting.

A lot of our stress comes from worry. We worry about the decisions they’re going to make or if we are doing a good job raising them. Pull yourself back to the present and enjoy time with your teen. Do your best at this very moment and don’t let the past or future take over.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is something that often gets pushed aside when we are stressed or busy. Take a shower, eat healthy food (and not only when you have five minutes to cram a sandwich), and get enough sleep. Staying hydrated also helps with headaches and improving your skin. Take a few minutes for yourself and your stress levels will lower significantly. This is not being selfish, but rather caring for yourself as you care for your teen. But, being selfish for a few minutes a day is okay as well.

Be Selfish for a Few Minutes

It is okay to carve out a little time for yourself. Parenting often means giving and giving and giving. Take a little bit of time to do something you enjoy. Read a chapter of a book, take a hot bath, head to the park, or do your favorite hobby. It’s difficult to care for someone else when you are run down and fatigued, mentally and physically. Also, learn to say no. Fitting your schedule as well as your teenager’s into one day can be crazy. Don’t be afraid to say no to certain things to keep your sanity. You can’t be everywhere at once, so prioritize both of your schedules and remove what is not important.

Tips and Ideas for Relaxing

As parents, you need time to breathe and recuperate! One way to rejuvenate yourself is to try progressive relaxation. Starting with your feet and lower extremities, tighten your muscles as hard as you can and then slowly let them relax. Continue this method all the way up your body through your upper legs, stomach and abs, arms, shoulders, head, and neck.

Your breathing will slow down, and you will feel more relaxed after the exercise. You can also practice some breathing exercises to help lower your blood pressure and anxiety. Your teen may see you practicing your relaxation exercises and learn how to incorporate them themselves into their stressful lives, which can also help them during their college years.

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