LGBTQ youth

Support and resources for parents, families, friends and allies of LGBTQ teens; also information on local chapters.


Cornell Research Program on Self-injury and Recovery (PDF)
Educational information for parents of teens who self-injure.

Comprehensive guide for parents on education, prevention, warning signs and what to do.

NIDA for Teens
Facts, treatment information and prevention for parents of teens.

The Medicine Abuse Project
Information and education about prescription drug abuse, includes parent helpline.

The Prevention Coalition
General information how to talk to your kids about drugs, what to look out for, risk factors and resources.


Information on cyberbullying for parents, students and teachers

Online safety education for parents and teachers.

Cyber Bullying Research Center
Warning signs, tips and ways to intervene when cyberbullying is occurring.
General bullying education and resources for parents, teens and educators.

The Parent Action Toolkit (PDF)
Parent action toolkit if your child is being bullied at school, relevant to older and young children.

Suicide                                                                    Teen Line staff Cheryl Eskin and Michelle Carlson conduct a webinar on suicide prevention in teens.

Speaking of Suicide
Informational articles for anyone touched by suicide.

Eating Disorders

National Eating Disorders Association
Information on how to support a loved one with an eating disorder.
Education and a hotline for parents concerned about a teen’s eating disorder.

Basic overview of eating disorders for parents.

Beauty and the Beast Inside

How Body Image Impacts Mental Health