The Struggle is Real…Pandemic Parenting continued

Institute of Child Psychology - Parenting is hard on a good day, let alone  in the midst of a global pandemic. With all of the uncertainty around  children returning to school and

The struggle is real…I write this while at home with my husband working in one room, and my tween and teen in another.  I am constantly reminding them (and myself) of the privilege we all have to be in separate rooms. 

If you had told me in March that we’d all still be home in December, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Somehow, I thought things would be better in June, or at least August, and then by Thanksgiving, and now here we are (with more restrictions in place!).   

I’m trying to use gratitude and perspective to get through this, both for me and my children.  So, here are some things I’ve learned in the last 8.5 months (in no particular order). Hopefully some of them resonate with you!

Zoom fatigue is real!

I love wearing slippers all day and doing presentations in sweatpants. 

It is nice to slow down and not live in my car or traffic. 

What’s this thing called bedtime or screen time limits? 

Bug spray seems to be a necessity outside even in suburban Los Angeles.  

There IS such a thing as too much time at home/baking time.

Marriage and parenting, while wonderful, were not meant to be 24/7 experiences.  School and work serve more purposes than I ever realized. 

Guilt is not productive. And sometimes cake is okay with breakfast (especially if it has milk and eggs in it!)

We all need kindness and empathy now more than ever.

Never underestimate the power of human connection.

You are not alone.  Even if someone else has it worse (and plenty do), that doesn’t mean this isn’t hard for you and your family.  Now is the time to lean in to each other and your other support systems.

Teen Line will be hosting a series of Facebook lives around a variety of topics in the next few months, so please tune in!

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