Myths & Misconceptions of Teens

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Being “depressed” and moody is part of being a teen.

Yes, teens can be more emotional and temperamental than adults or younger kids, but that doesn’t mean that moodiness should be dismissed. Changes in behavior, sleep, eating, and withdrawal from usual activities over a consistent period of time can be warning signs of something more serious.

There is no one face of depression.

Teens with depression are not just the loners, troublemakers, nerds, or artsy types. Popularity is not a shield to depression.

My teenager purposely pushes my buttons.

The teen years are the time to explore one’s unique individuality, and learn to separate from the comfort of their parents. Part of the button pushing is their way of making their separation from you less painful.

My teen doesn’t care what I think.

Even if they don’t show, teens do usually look up to their parents, and embrace many of their similar values.

My teenager hates me because I’m stricter than other parents.

Even thought they balk against their limits, research has shown that teenagers who have clear rules and limits growing up often have less drug and alcohol problems, less driving accidents, and higher school achievement.

My teen would never do THAT!!!

Peer pressure and the desire to fit in is rampart in adolescence. Teens often behave or do things that are out of character with them because their desire to fit in is so high.